Grab 7 PC Games For $20 In Fanatical's Latest Platinum Collection

FPS classics like Doom and Quake are included in June's build-your-own Platinum Collection for June.


Fanatical's Platinum Collection for June 2023 is live, giving you the opportunity to build your own bundle of games on a budget from an eclectic assortment of PC Steam titles. You can grab three games for just $10, five for $15, or seven for $20 with this deal.

The standout titles here are pioneers of the first-person shooter genre, id Software's classic Doom and Quake games. The first entries in each franchise, these are violent but still enjoyable blasts from the past that you can easily play on the go if you have a Steam Deck. Doom Classic Complete includes Doom 2 and its master levels, Final Doom, and Ultimate Doom, which, according to scientists, is a lot of Doom. Nastier demons, more powerful weapons, and dozens of levels will keep you busy for hours.

Quake was the game to have if you wanted to show off your new Voodoo Graphics 3D chip decades ago, and while the blocky visuals might look primitive when compared to today's modern graphics, there's still something charming about this game. The good news is that you can now play this version of Quake in 4K and toggle between widescreen resolution support, enhanced models, dynamic and colored lighting, anti-aliasing, and depth of field. Plus, Trent Reznor's iconic theme track has been kept intact.

Another great game to grab here is Flame Keeper, a cute little adventure with a fiery focus. As Ignis, a special coal that has to save the world of Orbis, you'll battle the forces of darkness while improving your skills, upgrading your skills, and unlocking new abilities as you work to restore the Eternal Flame.

For something more recent, check out the rogue-like platformer Dig - Deep In Galaxies, a game that isn't a reference to a great Mudvayne song you used to listen to while working out. Deep In Galaxies tasks you with exploring the interstellar unknown, as you'll have to pilot a starship through dangerous terrain and destructible environments. You can see the full list of games below.

Fanatical Platinum Collection

  • The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
  • White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Fanatical Edition
  • Arboria
  • Flame Keeper
  • Burnhouse Lane
  • Siege Survival: Gloria Victis
  • DIG - Deep In Galaxies
  • Quake
  • Doom Classic Complete
  • Door in the Woods
  • The Darkest Tales
  • For the People
  • Blind Fate: Edo no Yami
  • Midnight Protocol
  • Constructor Plus

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