Diablo 4 SteelSeries Collection Is Available At Amazon, But You'll Want To Hurry

This is some devilishly handsome Diablo IV merchandise.


The new Diablo IV gaming accessory line from SteelSeries and KontrolFreek is available to order now at Amazon. Considering that this collection sold out quickly when it originally went up for preorder, you'll want to act fast if you're interested in picking up any of these cool Diablo-themed products. You can explore Sanctuary in style with special-edition versions of the Arctis Nova 7 wireless headset (our favorite gaming headset), Aerox 5 wireless gaming mouse, QcK Heavy XXL mouse pad, SteelSeries Artisan keycaps, and KontrolFreek performance thumbsticks that look like they were manufactured in the Burning Hells. As an added bonus, buying the mouse or headset will unlock an exclusive in-game item for Diablo IV (Bound Faith mount trophy).

You can currently buy the headset, gaming mouse, mouse pad, and thumbstick caps at Amazon. Surprisingly, you can save $15 on the oversized mouse pad, but we imagine this discount won't be available for long.

In case you're unfamiliar with the hardware, the Arctis Nova 7 is a popular wireless headset thanks to its plush design, long-lasting battery, and excellent audio quality. The Aerox 5 gaming mouse is a lightweight mouse with multiple programmable buttons, and the QcK Heavy XXL is a great mousepad that can cover a wide surface area. Plus, the Diablo IV designs look great on it.

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For fans of keyboard customization, the Artisan keycap is especially eye-catching. SteelSeries says that these are inspired by the Diablo IV hell gate, crafted with a zinc metal construction, and are embossed with an emblem depicting Diablo's demonic visage. They're also extremely limited, as only 2,160 of these keycaps are being produced. Lastly, the KontrolFreek performance thumbsticks feature an official laser-etched design and blood-red colorway. KontrolFreek claims that they can reduce hand fatigue, improve accuracy, and enhance overall control on your peripheral.

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